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A new beginning is always exciting for everyone. We all seem eager to focus on the future especially when we deal with teenagers. Everyone at CASE is very proud of our company and we look forward to having the best exchange company possible. We have taken major strides recently to ensure that CASE will be able to provide the best possible service to our schools, students, families and field personnel.

Our mission “To Bring The World Together, One Student At A Time” allows us a great place to start. What a great goal to have as our standard of operation for our program.

The knowledge gained by everyone involved in such a great program as the Academic Year Program, helps us all to reach out to fulfill our company’s mission. Our students, our families, our schools and even our reps and office personnel all want to affect change in our ever shrinking world. The love and care that our reps, families and schools show toward our students are what will make our organization successful.

Everyone at CASE knows that we can all make a great difference in this world when we work together to achieve our lofty goals. We love what we are doing and it is truly an extra special joy to be involved in such a special program that makes our efforts well worth it!

Thank you for allowing CASE to play a very important role in today’s world by helping to bring people closer together.

Cultural Academic Student Exchange Scholarship for a Ukrainian Student

Cultural Academic Student Exchange will offer 1 J-1 Scholarship High School August 2022/23 Program for a qualified Ukrainian student. Since 1988, CASE has provided US Department of State-designated High School Exchange Programs for exchange students around the world. Our mission can be summarized by two distinct goals: Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders and Breaking Down the Barriers of Friendship. We remain dedicated to encouraging positive relations between people from different cultures through high school exchange programs. The J-1 visa program was introduced after the world wars to help prevent such conflicts from arising in the future. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who is from a war affected region in Ukraine. Additional criteria for this scholarship selection are academic excellence, student/parent letter, diligent work ethic, extracurricular activities and leadership skills. The acceptance process will consist of 2 steps: 1. Application form. 2. Online interview in English.

CASE will provide the scholarship for the program. Other additional fees such as flights, insurance, SEVIS and personal expenses are not included. For further details regarding this scholarship to Ukrainian students please contact Jana De Fillipps at

Ukrainian Flag with Graduation Cap