Important Facts

Here are some interesting facts about CASE:

  • Founded in 1988
  • Designated as a State Department Exchange Visitor Program
  • Granted Listing by CSIET
  • Issues DS-2019 Forms to All Qualified Participants
  • Headquarters are in Middletown, New Jersey
  • Regional Offices Strategically Located Throughout the United States
  • The Cultural Academic Student Exchange Program is Administered by Experienced and Certified School Administrators and Educators
  • Counseling Staff Available
  • Works With Over 45 Different Foreign Agencies in Over 25 Different Countries
  • Conducts Training Sessions for All Representatives

While participating in the CASE Program, students must:

  • Obey the Regulations of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program
  • Abide by the federal, state and local laws of the United States and host community
  • Live as a member of the host family, respecting the rules and customs of the host family and accepting the responsibilities given
  • Accept placement with a family of any race, creed or color
  • Respect the host high school’s policies regarding grade levels, participation in graduation ceremonies and issuance of high school diploma
  • Maintain a C average or higher at the host high school
  • Course selection must include English
  • Travel only with permission from the national office, the area representative and the host family
  • Recognize that driving or purchasing a motorized vehicle (car, motorcycle or any other vehicle requiring a driver’s license) is prohibited.
  • Driving is permitted with the instructor of an official driver’s education course and only during class hours.
  • Have access to a minimum of $300 US Dollars per month to cover personal expenses.
  • Recognize that the program ends five (5) days after the last day of school. Arrangements must be made to return home within this time.