International Students

Student Health Insurance

Every student enrolled in the CASE program arrives in the US with a student travel insurance policy, however, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not comprehensive health insurance. Things like routine check-ups, preventative care, immunizations, and pre-existing conditions are not covered. Always check your coverage before seeking treatment to ensure you are using an in-network provider. If you receive a medical bill, your natural parents will be responsible for payment.

Students will receive their insurance card via email from the provider. This card should be accessible to them at all times. If you are unable to access your insurance card/portal, please contact your CASE Area Representative and/or international agent.

Student insurance is provided by:

CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International)

1-800-303-8120 Ext. 5130

Experiences You Will Never Forget

CASE students come from all over the world to have an American high school experience.  They are serious students with good grades and with the English skills to excel in an American classroom.  They become involved in all that the American high school has to offer including interesting classes and after school activities because, often times, it is not something that is offered in their home country.  Some students participate in the program and are able to receive credit in their home country, while others know that their time here will simply be for cultural and academic growth because they will not receive credit for their classes completed.  Still others come here after they have graduated in their home country looking to improve their English through studying in a high school setting and experience the American family life.  

Upon returning to a student’s home country, he/she will have gained maturity and insight into the American culture. They will have also developed a high level of English fluency and grown as an individual. Depending on the student’s interests, he/she will have participated in sports, acted in the drama production, or performed in the band. Whatever the student has done during their time in the US, one thing is for sure, he/she will have a new extended family here in the United States and will have made friends that will last a lifetime. 

Travel Around The U.S.

CASE is proud to offer foreign exchange students the opportunity to explore America through optional trips and experiences. Our partner, MPD Tours offers a variety of trips to our students.