Host An Exchange Student With CASE

CASE is ready to help you experience the joy of student exchange. Give your family the experience of a lifetime. When you host a student, you:

  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Prepare your family & community for the global world of tomorrow
  • Have the opportunity to share love and kindness while learning about another country’s customs and traditions

Host Family Program

All families participating in the CASE program are volunteer host families who are interested in opening their homes and sharing their lives with a teenager from abroad.  These families understand the value of cultural exchange and the positive message that hosting an international student can bring to a local community.  We value our host families and truly believe that those families who decide to host an international student are helping to create goodwill in their community, local school and throughout the United States.

Who Are The Host Families & What Is Required?

CASE is looking for caring families of all backgrounds.  Families without children at home can host, as long as the family is willing to help the student meet local teens.  When volunteering to be a host parent, your obligation is to provide meals and lodging for your new family member.  Your student is required to bring $300 per month for his or her own expenses and personal needs and CASE provides the student with full medical coverage.  The IRS also allows a $50 per month deduction from your income taxes for charitable contributions when the student becomes a member of your household.  Of course we ask you to treat your student as a member of the family.